The Nydus Network's $400 +OSC Points! Master and Above!

The Nydus Network
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This is the second tournament in our series of events to put our donations back into the SC2 community: 

Games will be cast on:

You must use your in game name, If we cant look up your profile, you will be automatically removed from bracket. 

In game coordination will be done from channel: nydus

Map Vetos:

The highest seed player will be "Player A". 

The lower seed player will be "Player B".

Map vetos will be done in order ABAB until there are only three maps remaining, the highest seed player will pick the first map, then the choice will alternate.

Series will be Bo3 until finals.

The final will be BO5. 

Each player has 15min to make it to their round before they are disqualified.

One series from each round will be casted, we ask that all rounds wait until we have our casted match picked, to move on to the next round.

We will have in game admins to make this process go smoothly.

Games will be played on NA server, please go to US west and US east accordingly if you have a European opponent/Australian.


This tournament will have a $400 prize pool  from The Nydus, with payouts as follows:

1st:    $200 

2nd:  $100 

3rd:   $60

4th:   $40

The kind folks at Sc2 Online have agreed  to team up with us for this event and include OSC points!

The points will be distributed as follows:

1st 250 OSC points 2nd 150 OSC points 3rd 80 OSC points 4th 40 OSC points 5-8th 20 OSC points each 9-16th 10 OSC points each 17th-32nd 5 + $ Bounties + Participation points towards $1000's in prizes + Points towards $5000+ Team Championship

Any donations accrued during the broadcast will go into funding the next tournament!

GL, HF! 


冠军: penguin2
有价值对手: elazer
下次再说: Bly


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