The Nydus Network's 25th Weekly $10 Plat/Diamond!

The Nydus Network
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** This tournament is only open to diamond and platinum players, If you have been masters in the past 3 seasons, not including the inflation season, you will be automatically removed from the bracket ( 2016 season 4 and 6, 2017 season 1)**

Read these rules or you will probably be removed from bracket:

  1.  Sign up for the tournament on this website.
  2.  Match your name on this site to your IN GAME NAME (so we can look up your profile)
  3.  Check in to the tournament on this website (Check in starts 1 hr prior to tournament, and ends 5min before start)
  4.  Join channel Nydus on the NA battlenet server. (To do this type /join nydus)

If you fail to check in on this website, YOU WILL BE AUTO DROPPED. The website handles this and there is nothing

we can do about it once done.

Map Vetos:  

The highest seed player will be "Player A". 

The lower seed player will be "Player B".

Map vetos will be done in order ABAB until there are only three maps remaining, the highest seed player will pick the first map, then the choice will alternate.

The final will be BO5, a small break will happen between the semi finals and finals. 

This break will consist of a showmatch between the highest ranked players we can find to play for us.

Games will be casted on

For now we ask that no masters and above offrace. While this decision is unpopular, masters and above have numerous tournament opportunities that already exist for them to enter with their main race...

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the bracket that looks like a smurf. If you Show up to play with your last placement 2 years ago with one game played this season you will probably be dropped. We do this for fun, and have a zero tolerance with profiles that even look smurfy, this includes barcodes. 

(If you're from a region other than NA, you can still play, but you MUST link an admin your profile in game before the tournament starts. Admins will hang out in channel "nydus" prior to the tournament))


冠军: JackieChan2886
有价值对手: EmmaWatson__


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